Union bosses in strike ballot ultimatum to offshore caterers

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A two-week ultimatum was released by the Union bosses to the offshore catering companies to either resort to reasonable talks or risk facing disciplinary action. A statement issued by the union said that the offshore caterers rejected any discussion citing that the 2% pay increased reached this year was to no avail.

The Cota representative claimed that the 2% was an insult since there has been an economic influx due to the oil price downfall. The industry has suffered a raw start in 2015 however, the oil prices rising everyday should be a good thing for the industry to reconsider its employee’s outcry and help them loosen the conditions of its workers said the Cota representative.

Employees were informed on Wednesday that an arrangement for an industrial action vote will be carried out. Pat Rafferty, the Unite Scottish secretary, said that Cota needs to reconsider its position for strike actions can’t be avoided. “This is because Cota employers do not want to engage us in meaningful discussion” said the Unite Scottish secretary. He further added that considering the fact that industrial action cannot be avoided, it would be of a wise decision for Cota employs to return to the discussion table before the deadline.

However, Cota’s spokesman could not be reached yesterday to talk and show his position following the remarks of the Unite Scottish secretary on the strike. In 2002, the Unions voted against striking in regards to industrial action. The issues were about the North Sea catering employees pay. The Union won a narrow margin win against striking.

The current situation has been triggered by the sour relationship between the unions and the gas industry. Since the talk between the Union and the offshore employees did not end well, Unite and GMB have come to a conclusion to go ahead and carry out the strike action ballot. This will be reached after a separate discussion with the industry bosses.

It is however not certain whether the Unite union will implement the outcome of the ballot. The workers are patiently waiting for their fate to know whether they are still employed, or an action will be taken if they fail to heed  the Unite requests

Author: Gary Cook

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