Catering Hire Company: What to Expect

what to expect from caterers

When you are hosting a group of people, whether for a wedding, a birthday party or even a company event it is usually expected that you will provide them with food as part of the experience. This can be hard to do if you are dealing with a group of more than a few people and that is why you call in caterers they prepare and provide food for your guests. In order to know whether you are getting what you paid for, it is important that you know what to expect from your caterer.

caterers in the kitchenThe first thing that they should do is show you kitchens. Good caterers want to show their clients their kitchens to allay any fears that they may have about hygiene. They will also tell you how many employees they have so that you can gauge for yourself whether they will be able to serve your guests. The caterer will also show you his equipment to reassure you that they have everything that is needed to make your event a success.

After that, you will tell him what you want served at your event so that he can come up with menu options. If you want to serve fish, for instance, he can suggest the best kind of fish to serve and then 3 or 4 different ways that it can be cooked. He will do this for every food item right from the first course to the last. He will also come up with the drinks that should be served. If you have no idea how to go about creating a menu don’t worry – it is the caterer’s job to come up with one.

Once all this is done he will then prepare a tasting session where you will taste the different options that he has created. This is the time for you to check on the kind of table layout that he has as well as the kind of cutlery, plates and glasses that he will use. You should also note how the food is arranged and presented. If there is anything that you don’t like this is the time to point it out.

Tasting Food

Once you have tasted the various options presented you will settle on one of them that will be served at your event and then leave the caterer to start preparing. A few days before the event call them and ask if everything is on track. On the day of, call them in the morning and find out if they will arrive on schedule and whether everything is prepared. If it is they should have no problem giving your guests a memorable time.

Make sure that you write a contract with your caterer so that in case they do not deliver as promised you can get a refund.

Author: Gary Cook

Gary Cook is on a mission to help event organisers to build succesfull events. Trained as a chef he has a unique 10 yers of experience in event organisation.

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