Chair Hire for Events: Which Type to Pick

Chair Hire for Events: Which Type to Pick

When planning an event, you may think that chairs don’t matter as much as the decor or program itself. But here’s the reality— they make a huge impact on every event. First, they are all over the place! Hence, chairs can make or break the first impression. Second, guests will be sitting on them almost the entire time. So yes, you have to pick out not just the best chair hire provider, but also the most suitable type.

Banquet Chairs

You will often find banquet chairs in hotels and event places. Many are decent enough, ideal for conferences, meetings, and simple gatherings. But if you’re aiming for elegance, these won’t do. Make sure to check the quality with your chair hire choice.

Chiavari Chairs

A lot of chiavari chair hire companies provide these classics for weddings and similar events, because they are both stylish and affordable. They can be dressed up easily and can be transported without any trouble.

Wooden Folding Chairs

Thinking of an outdoor birthday celebration? Or perhaps you have a rustic-themed wedding! Then these are the perfect chairs for your event. They can save space when being hauled from one place to another, and are easy and quick to set up. What’s more, they are also easy to decorate in order to suit your theme better.

Stackable Chairs

When you have team-building activities, budgeted conferences and meetings, and the like, plastic stackable chairs are efficient. They are light and handy, not to mention affordable too. What’s more, participants can easily move them around when necessary, such as during interactions and activities that are require more movement and interaction.

Chameleon Chairs

If you’re after sophistication, these sleek and stylish chairs should be your option. They may cost more, but will be worth it for that posh, unique look. Most of the time, these are utilized for weddings and gala events of huge corporations and associations.

Ghost Chairs

Yes, ghost chairs are also very elegant. Some chair hires carry them for upscale clients and those who want that classy touch in their events. They serve the same purpose as chameleon chairs, but can be even more expensive.

Chair Covers

When you are in a situation where you can’t decide what chairs would go with your event, than chair cover hire services may be the wat to go so you can make it easy to style any venue for any situation.

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